An Analysis Data Model Implementation Guide (ADaMIG) is developed in reference to a specific ADaM model. Currently, all ADaMIGs are supported by the ADaM v2.1 model. Additional ADaM supplements containing normative content for specific analysis use cases have also been developed. The table below lists the documents available at the time of publication of ADaMIG v1.3 and describes their applicability to ADaMIG Versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.

In addition to Models and Implementation Guides, Conformance Rules have been developed, which help to ensure that generated data structures conform to the standards. These rules aim to identify all conformance rules and case logic from ADaM documents, classifying and codifying them in a form that supports quality processes and tool development.

Therapeutic Area User Guides

Therapeutic Area User Guides (TAUGs) extend the Foundational Standards to represent data that pertains to specific disease areas. TAUGs include disease-specific metadata, examples and guidance on implementing CDISC standards for a variety of uses, including global regulatory submissions. The following video will introduce you to TAUGs and how they relate to CDISC Foundational Standards.

Controlled Terminology

Controlled Terminology is the set of codelists and valid values used with data items within CDISC-defined datasets. The following video introduces you to CDISC Controlled Terminology and how it is used with CDISC standards.


Traceability is a fundamental element of data quality and a requirement for studies submitted to regulatory authorities. From data collection to final analysis, traceability plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of source data and in reinforcing clinical research results. The following video provides an introduction to implementing traceability in CDISC-compliant studies.

Regulatory Requirements

CDISC standards are required or recommended by several global regulatory agencies. Standardized data enables regulators to streamline the review process with a more consistent use of analysis tools to better view drug data and highlight areas of concern. The following video introduces you to regulatory requirements and the use of CDISC standards.

Team Guiding Principles

Standards in Development


Data Exchange

Therapeutic Areas

For current versions of the Therapeutic Area (TA) standards, please visit the TA Home Page.