CDISC Library uses linked data and a REST API to deliver CDISC standards metadata to software applications that automate standards-based processes. CDISC Library provides access to new relationships between standards as well as a substantially increased number of versioned CDISC standards and controlled terminology packages.

CDISC Library is the single, trusted, authoritative source of CDISC standards metadata and represents a new way of creating, maintaining, and publishing this metadata.

Additional benefits include:

Listed below are the available CDISC standards and terminology. This page will be periodically updated to reflect new released content.

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API Benefits Summary

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Platinum Member 2 GB/month 3
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API Upgrades & Overage Fees

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$300/account $1.00/GB

*Additional accounts are billed at time of membership fee dues.

**Overage fees incurred per given calendar month beyond existing benefit limits. Bandwidth overage fees are billed on a monthly basis.

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