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CDISC User Networks

Self-formed User Networks developed in the United States to enable face-to-face interactions among CDISC users.  In Europe, E3C encouraged User Network formation centered around five language areas: French, German, Italian, Nordic and English. There are now additional User Networks in Asia and Africa. CDISC User Networks provide significant value to CDISC Users and the CDISC organization when there is a synergistic relationship and ongoing mutual benefits.

CDISC User Networks share CDISC implementation experiences periodically in a given region or language, discuss draft and mature standards and participate in public review, offer comments, as well as circulate feedback and new ideas to CDISC, network among colleagues, and share recent conference participation and learning experiences.

CDISC User Network Operational Procedure (COP-011) which includes a broader explanation on these self-formed user networks and explains how communication is maintained between the CDISC organization and its user groups can be accessed on the CDISC website through this link.

User Networks can share ideas and experiences through the CDISC portal. The portal is open and available to all user network colleagues, and can be accessed through this link.

To brand the CDISC user networks globally and to attract more members to join these groups, the CDISC organization is creating user network logos which will be used in promoting and marketing user network events and upcoming meetings. CDISC User Networks can have their logo displayed on our website through meeting the following requirements:

  1. The user network creates a list serve, for the benefit of its members to receive communications
  2. The user network informs CDISC of upcoming events and provides feedback from past meetings

CDISC User Networks can be formed in any region of the world. Current user networks exist in Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States. CDISC offers each user network a SharePoint portal to store documentation and updates. These portals also offer a discussion forum to allow group members to discuss latest updates and share experiences. In addition, user group members can create surveys and share results through their own portal section. All user network portals can be found through this link and are available to anyone to view.


North America


Asia and Africa

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San Diego

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Bay Area (San Francisco)

French Language


Boston Area

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South Africa


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 Midwest (Chicago)


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Washington DC


RTP (Raleigh)