ADaMIG for Non-compartmental Analysis Input Data v1.0

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Version 1.0 of the ADaM Implementation Guide for Non-compartmental Analysis Input Data (ADNCA) presents the ADaM Basic Data Structure (BDS) for NCA. ADNCA v1.0 supports variables needed for calculating parameters used in non-compartmental analysis and provides general naming conventions that can be leveraged for other variables.

The ADNCA v1.0 also provides specific guidance for all commonly needed variables and should be viewed as the guidance for ADaM BDS that includes NCA variables.

Note: In the Implementation Guide, the ADaM NCA dataset is simply referred to as an ADNCA dataset. This does not imply a required naming convention. The NCA dataset should be named following the ADaM standard naming convention as described in the ADaM v2.1.

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