Rates & Benefits

NEW MEMBERSHIP RATES (US$) - Effective 1 January 2024
Total Number of Employees  
in Organization
GOLD Member  
Annual Fee
Annual Fee
First Year PLATINUM Member  
One-Time Contribution
1-19$1,800$4,780Annual fee + $4,780
20-99$4,780$7,760Annual fee + $7,760
100-999$10,200$12,550Annual fee + $12,550
1,000-9,999$25,670$28,660Annual fee + $28,660
10,000-24,999$34,650$38,810Annual fee + $38,810
25,000-49,999$41,800$50,150Annual fee + $50,150
50,000 +$58,850$69,260Annual fee + $69,260
Academic Institutions, Government Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations, please contact: membership@cdisc.org for rates

Gold Level Benefits

Platinum Level Benefits

  • Up to $2,500 credit of Virtual (Zoom) and On-Demand Trainings for each member organization
  • Complimentary customization when purchasing a Virtual (Zoom) or In-Person private training
  • 40% discount off of CDISC Events, CDISC Training Courses, Tabulate Certification and ODM Certification
  • 12 job postings per year on the CDISC Industry Job Board
  • Unlimited access to the Members Only Area for all employees to leverage a variety of resources
  • Annual complimentary CDISC for Newcomers Virtual (Zoom) training; contact Education to schedule the training
  • Membership Certificate to display at your place of business and at industry conferences showing your support of CDISC
  • Representation on the CDISC Advisory Council (CAC) with opportunities to actively engage in CDISC by:
    • Providing input to CDISC Leadership
    • Electing a Board Member to the CDISC Board of Directors
    • Participating in Town Hall meetings CDISC Board Members and Regulators
    • Networking with peers, clients, and visionaries at face-to-face meetings
    • Benefitting from updates CDISC Board and Operations staff at quarterly teleconferences