SDTMIG-PGx (Pharmacogenomics/Genetics) provides guidance on the implementation of the SDTM for biospecimen and genetics-related data, including but not limited to: biospecimen collection and handling, quality data, genetic mutation, genotyping, gene expression, cytogenetics, viral genetics, and proteomics.


Release Date: 1 Jun 2015

Version 1.0 of SDTMIG-PGx describes standards to guide the organization, structure and format of gene-related tabulation datasets submitted as part of a product application, such as a new genetic test, to a regulatory agency. SDTMIG-PGx v1.0 supports the structured capture and reporting of genetic changes associated with diseases or other conditions, called genetic biomarkers, from patients and of the microorganisms that comprise patients’ microbiomes. It contains information on biospecimen handling for isolation of genetic material and many examples of genetic variation, genotyping and gene expression data formatted using SDTM.

SDTMIG-PGx v1.0 has been released for provisional use, since it introduces new variables and constructs added to SDTM v1.5, and to allow operational testing and evaluation of this standard by the CDISC user community.