TFL Designer Virtual Workshop - Part II


This is the second workshop in the series. You can view the recording of the first workshop here



Our industry spends countless hours manually designing tables, figures, and listings (TFL) shells and writing analysis datasets specification. Once these artifacts are made available, a programmer must write the SAS code to generate the analysis datasets and TFLs. In most companies, the generation of analysis deliverables is a very manual (sometimes with macros or re-using code) process.

There is need for an open-source tool that can ingest available standards/templates from the CDISC Library to design study-specific analysis output display (TFL shell) and, in parallel, generate machine-readable metadata, which will facilitate generation of an analysis dataset as well as the output of interest (TFL).

Industry-wide collaboration is essential in developing a tool that is widely accepted and broadly used by stakeholders. The TFL Designer is an COSA-approved open-source software project intended to create TFLs and generate associated metadata that supports clinical trial data analysis and reporting.

TFL Designer Workshop

With such a positive registration response, we have decided to schedule two 90-minute sessions to accomplish the goals and priorities of this important initiative:

  • Workshop #1: 13 September 2022, 11am - 12:30pm EDT
  • Workshop #2: 6 October 2022, 11am - 12:30pm EDT

Workshop #1: We will go over the problem statement, provide insight into CDISC Analysis Results Standards, gather user stories and requirements from participants, review a high-level development roadmap for an open-source prototype, and discuss subscription/collaboration details.

Workshop #2 serves as a follow up to Workshop #1 and will summarize the user-requirements and address questions from the previous session. We will discuss technology stack, development roadmap and further details on how you can contribute to this project.

If you are already registered in Workshop #1, you will be automatically register you for Workshop #2.


Bhavin Busa is Project Owner of TFL Designer. He has built and implemented multiple system-level compliant tools toward data analytics/visualization, programming, and data standardization. A philanthropist, tech innovator and CDISC volunteer, Bhavin has worked with CDISC Standards for over 15 years and serves on the Board of CDISC Open Source Alliance.

Bhavin participated on the CDISC 360 project and co-authored the 360 White Paper. He thinks open-source technologies have the potential to be a game changer in our industry to help get things done faster and more efficiently.


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