Jozef Aerts is professor in Medical Informatics at the University of Applied Science FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria. He is also an active CDISC volunteer since 2002, and one of the main developers of the ODM and SDM-XML standards, with also contributions to other standards and CDISC documents such as define.xml and the Metadata Submission Guide.

Jozef is also owner and CEO of XML4Pharma, a software development and consultancy company specializing in implementation of CDISC standards (CDISC Registered Solutions Provider) and well known for its ODM and define.xml editing, viewing and checking tools, and for its ODM to SDTM mapping software.

In his sparse free time, Jozef likes to climb mountains in the Alps - he is also a mountaineering instructor for the German Alpine Club (DAV).

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