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ODM Implementation


The Operational Data Model (ODM) is a vendor-independent format used to store, interchange between data management systems, or archive study data, study metadata or administrative data associated with clinical trials. The ODM has been presented to the FDA as the standard for data archiving. This course also provides the basis for Define.XML.


This one-day course consists of:

  • The technical framework for ODM
  • An in-depth understanding of the model structure
  • An overview of the XSL and other tools for working with XML
  • Strategies for implementing ODM within your organization
  • Introduction to ODM extensions including Define.XML
Current Course Material Used: 
ODM v3.1.2

A working knowledge of XML or other mark-up languages is helpful to understanding the material presented.

Course Length: 
1 Day
Course Type: 
Public, Private, Licensed
Data Manager