Steven J. Hovjacky

Steven J. Hovjacky

Steven J. Hovjacky

Senior Manager for Design Manufacturing and Controls

Altria Client Services

How long have you been volunteering with CDISC?
I have been volunteering with CDISC for nearly 2 years.

What motivated you to volunteer your time and expertise with CDISC?
While the tobacco and nicotine industries have been subject to regulation for 19 years, adapting processes to meet regulatory requirements and standardizing practices is a complex and ongoing journey for legacy industries. I am eager to contribute to the industry's efforts in meeting these challenges and fulfilling the necessary requirements.

How did you initially enter the field of clinical research?
My work in product description and manufacturing falls outside the realm of clinical research. However, I have extensive experience in product development, specifications and controls, and manufacturing quality.

What was your childhood aspiration for a career?
I aspired to become a Biomedical Engineer. Unfortunately, I was born in an era that did not fully support the possibilities I envisioned.

Please share a helpful tip for working with CDISC Standards.
Take the time to listen to the concerns of your team members, learn from the expertise of CDISC professionals, and conduct thorough research to ensure your contributions are meaningful and valuable.