Protocol Representatation Model (PRM) provides a standard for planning and designing a research protocol with focus on study characteristics such as study design, eligibility criteria, and requirements from the, World Health Organization (WHO) registries, and EudraCT registries. PRM assists in automating CRF creation and EHR configuration to support clinical research and data sharing.

Protocol Toolset v1.0

Release Date: 20 Apr 2012

The Protocol Toolset v1.0 provides the following tools to assist in implementation:

  • Study Outline Document Template - A template of suggested concepts for standardizing the Study Outline document.
  • Study Outline Concepts List - A detailed mapping between the Study Outline Concepts, BRIDG, and the SDTM Trial Summary Domain to serve as a reference for further explanation of the concepts and any related notes.

Protocol Wizard Web Demonstration Tool

Release Date: 6 Feb 2010

The Protocol Wizard Web Demonstration Tool produces a sample Study Outline document and related SDTM domains as defined in the CDISC Protocol Study Outline in the  CDISC Protocol Toolset v1.0 and applicable SDTMIG trial design domains (both TS and TI Domains). This tool is provided for exploratory use as a proof-of-concept example implementation of the CDISC Protocol standard.

PRM v1.0

Release Date: 30 Jan 2010

PRM v1.0 was developed to support: a) protocol document generation; b) research study (clinical trial) registration and tracking; c) regulatory oversight and review; and d) single-sourced, downstream electronic consumption of protocol content, allowing users to create and quality control content once, and reuse for trial registries, protocol and case study report templates, SDTM study design and more.

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