Europe CDISC Coordinating Committee (E3C)

The E3C supports global CDISC initiatives in Europe and to provide regional feedback to the central CDISC organization. The primary activities of this committee are defined in collaboration with CDISC Executive Operations and include:

  • Introducing CDISC and broadening its presence in Europe
  • Acting as a liaison between CDISC and European entities
  • Helping the CDISC organization to acquire collaborations and partnership with existing European organizations
  • Organizing and planning for annual CDISC European conferences

For more information on the CDISC Coordinating Committees, please see the CDISC Coordinating Committees Charter​.

Call for Nominations to the E3C - Deadline 11 January 2021

As an interested party of CDISC, you have the opportunity to participate in the process of nominating members for the CDISC Europe Coordinating Committee. Nominees must be from a CDISC member organization. Members will serve a three-year term from 2021-2024. There is one position available for each of the following industry:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • BioTechnology Industry
  • Technology Service Provider
  • Academic Institution

Nominations will be reviewed and approved by the E3C Co-Chairs before being posted for election. Nominees will be elected by a simple majority (two-thirds of the voting members) of the E3C members.

This is an excellent opportunity to nominate individuals whom you believe will help shape the future of the E3C, whose success depends upon the active participation of its members and the CDISC community. Self-Nomination is also acceptable. If you are located in Europe and interested in being part of the E3C, please send your resume and letter expressing your interest by 11 January 2021 to .