CORE Rules Developers

The CORE Project seeks volunteers for our Conformance Rules Development Team

  • Mission:
    • Develop the rules specification and the executable form of the rules
  • Work Areas:
    • Specification structure and content
    • Executable rules content
    • Rule Developer Skill Set
      • Core Skills
        • Data savvy with science background; e.g., statistics, biometrics, data science
        • A CDISC standards practitioner. Solid implementation experience with SEND, SDTM, and/or ADaM
        • Experience in data specifications & associated verification & validation tasks
      • “Plus” Skills
        • Some familiarity with the associated conformance rules
        • Knowledgeable in structured data, such as XML, JSON, YAML
        • A member of an organizational standards council or governance body
      • People without coding experience can succeed in rule development. The carefully prepared initial training program and ongoing support process enable this.

Expected Engagement

  • Time Period: 3 - 6 months commitment, or longer if able
  • Hours per week: efforts such as 20%, 40% FTE will be helpful; smaller FTE efforts are possible
  • Weekly Meetings and Workshops: Recorded and available for review

CORE Volunteer Onboarding Training Webinar

A CORE Volunteer Onboarding Training webinar for the Rules Development was held 7 June 2022. The webinar covered the scope of Rules, the Rule Editor for authoring and testing Rules, and how to sign up and participate. Listen to the CORE Volunteer Onboarding Training.

Sign-up Instructions

  • If you would like participate in this exciting effort, sign up on the CDISC volunteer page and indicate CORE on the form as the Standards Development team. Please include which CORE team you would like to join in the box at the bottom of the page.