CORE Rules Developers

CDISC recently released the CORE Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which allows users to run conformance checks on sample CDISC datasets to explore CORE's features and functionality.

CDISC is looking for volunteers with knowledge of SEND, SDTM, or ADaM to help add CDISC Conformance Rules into CORE. We invite you to participate in this important initiative that will help test study data for conformance to CDISC standards as well as to regulatory and sponsor-specific conformance rule sets.

Expected engagement:

  • Time Period: 3 - 6 months, or longer, if able
  • Hours per Week: 2 - 4 hours in addition to meeting attendance
  • Weekly Meetings and Workshops: Recorded and available for review

CDISC needs you! CORE is a community-driven solution. Continued volunteer participation and community support remain critical to its success.