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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM and AUSTIN, TX – 22 June 2021 – CDISC announced the release of a freely available standard that maps existing international standards to facilitate interoperability of data and metadata related to vaccine administration. Developed in partnership with the Global Information for Public Health Transformation (GIPHT), an initiative of the Learning Health Community, the Vaccination Administration Version 1.0 standard represents a minimum set of key data elements for electronically documenting vaccinations.
AUSTIN, TX – 01 June 2021 – CDISC is teaming up with Microsoft to develop the CDISC Open Rules Engine (CORE), open-source software that executes machine-readable CDISC Conformance Rules. The global clinical research community will be able to leverage the CORE software to test study data for conformance to CDISC standards as well as regulatory and sponsor-specific conformance rule sets.
DANBURY, CT and AUSTIN, TX – 22 Apr 2021 – CDISC and the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD®) have announced a partnership to develop global data standards for rare diseases. The data standards will be released in a Therapeutic Area User Guide that will be available at no cost on the CDISC website for researchers to leverage in studies to maximize data’s full potential.
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM and AUSTIN, TX – 20 April 2021 – The Global Information for Public Health Transformation (GIPHT) initiative of the Learning Health Community has collaborated with CDISC to develop a minimum set of key data elements for documenting vaccinations. The goal of the collaboration is to achieve multinational agreement around one global core data standard that will enable the success of vaccine credentialing applications and secure sharing of essential information for uses such as safe travel.

CDISC invites you to an FDA-hosted public broadcast during the SEND Team’s spring virtual meetings. The broadcast is an opportunity for stakeholders to stay informed on what’s going on with the development of SEND and it’s use in regulatory submissions.

14 April, 2021 9:00 am – 12:30pm EDT


9:00am – 9:45am CDER OCS Presentation - Jesse Anderson

9:45am – 10:00am Break

10:00am – 10:45am OBI/eData Team Update – Ethan Chen

Austin, TX and Copenhagen, DK – 31 Mar 2021 – CDISC announced a collaboration with A3 Informatics to create industry-standard Biomedical Concepts with the goal of supporting their awareness and encouraging their adoption in clinical research. CDISC Biomedical Concepts form a reference information model that standardizes clinical research concepts and their representation in underlying data models.
Austin, TX – 17 December 2020 – CDISC announced that industry veteran David A. Evans will join the organization as its new President and Chief Executive Officer effective January 1, 2021. Dave brings over 35 years’ experience serving in various executive-level positions in software development, clinical research, regulatory and healthcare industries. He is recognized industry-wide as a leading technology visionary for developing and implementing complex process and system solutions and as an expert in the areas of information standards, regulatory compliance and quality governance. The architect and developer of the first electronic drug submission to the US FDA in 1985, Dave has been responsible for more than 100 electronic regulatory submissions and complex
AUSTIN, TX – 23 Sep 2020 – CDISC is pleased to announce Dr. Maria Im Hee Shin of Daegu Catholic University Medical Center in South Korea has been named Chair of the Korea CDISC Coordinating Committee (K3C). CDISC Coordinating Committees (3Cs) support global CDISC initiatives within specific regions of the world and provide regional feedback to the central CDISC organization.