Reproductive System Findings

The CDASHIG RP domain is used to collect all reproductive detail information about a subject, such as reproductive ability, reproductive history (e.g., number of previous pregnancies, number of births), pregnancy during the study, and so on. All reproductive system findings for a subject are contained in the RP domain rather than other domains. Although sponsors previously may have reported this information in the Subject Characteristics (SC) domain, this information is now consolidated into the RP domain.

This example is for child bearing potential and menopause status. The user will need to update the questions, as appropriate.

"Form RP - Reproductive System Findings [RP_REPRODUCTIVE_SYSTEM_FINDINGS]" Form Preview
Form RP - Reproductive System Findings
RP - Reproductive System Findings
Was a reproductive system evaluation performed? No  Yes  
Reason Not Done
Collection Date
 01 Jan 2000
Was the subject of child bearing potential? No  Yes  
Menopause Status Premenopausal  Postmenopausal  
* Mandatory field