Disease Response

The CDASHIG RS domain describes assessment of disease response to treatment or clinical classifications, which are often based on published criteria. Clinical classifications may be based solely on objective data from clinical records, or they may involve a clinical judgment or interpretation of the directly observable signs, behaviors, or other physical manifestations related to a condition or subject status.

This example is for RECIST 1.1. The user will need to update the category, as appropriate.

"Form RS - Disease Response [RS]" Form Preview
Form RS - Disease Response
RS - Disease Response
What is the category for the disease response?  RECIST 1.1
Was the disease response assessment performed? No  Yes  
Why was the disease response assessment not performed?
What was the role of the person performing the disease response assessment? Independent Assessor  Investigator  
What is the evaluator identifier? Radiologist 1  Radiologist 2  Radiologist 3  
Target Response
Non-Target Response
Overall Response
Best Overall Response
* Mandatory field