Pre-{admiral} Hackathon Workshop: Introduction to R for SAS Programmers


The CDISC Open-Source Alliance (COSA) invites you to participate in the {admiral} Virtual Hackathon. The Hackathon is a unique opportunity to get familiar with the first generation of open-source tools for clinical reporting, in particular {admiral} — an R package for ADaM dataset creation.


What is {admiral}?

The purpose of ADaM in R Asset Library {admiral} is to provide an open source, modularized toolbox that enables the pharmaceutical programming community to develop ADaM datasets in R.


Hackathon Objective

Participants will get access to a set of SDTM datasets with accompanying specifications and be tasked with transforming these SDTM datasets to analysis datasets using {admiral} and a set of additional R packages from the pharmaverse.

This is an excellent opportunity to upskill in R and become part of a vibrant community who develops open-source R packages for clinical reporting purposes. This community will also serve as a great resource to answer any R or {admiral} questions you may have along the way.

Pre-Hackathon Workshop

We will be hosting an "Introduction to R for SAS Programmers" workshop on 17 January for R aficionados and long-time SAS programmers. Topics covered in the workshop will serve as a strong foundation upon which to build in the Hackathon.

Additional Details

  • Participants will receive access to an RStudio Cloud workspace; there will be no need to install R and RStudio on machines.
  • Participants will be asked to upload their final R programs using a webform. The submitted code will be run by the organizers and compared to the expected ADaM in a proc compare like fashion. Participants who get a match between "their" dataset and the expected ADaM will have the opportunity to win a prize.
  • The spirit of this event is collaborative not competitive; it's about learning and upskilling as well as becoming part of a vibrant community. There will be no public leaderboard or anything like that.

Key Dates

  • 17 January 2023: Introduction to R for SAS Programmers Workshop
  • 26 January 2023: Admiral Hackathon Kickoff
  • 1-28 February 2023: Admiral Hackathon

A note regarding slides:
The team did not use Powerpoint slides in this presentation so as such, there are none to share. However, they did show a number of online exercises and copied code from the HTML renderings of their respective sections. You can find all of the exercises and code they displayed at this GitHub site

Language: English
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