Introduction to the Analysis Results Standards


Large trials generate many analysis results in the form of tables, figures, and written reports, yet these results are rarely output in a form that is machine-readable. Additionally, there is no standard way of describing and organizing these results, making it difficult to automate their generation, make them reproducible, trace their origin or enable them to be reused in other outputs.

To address these inefficiencies, CDISC is developing the Analysis Results Standards (ARS), which aim to facilitate automation, reproducibility, reusability, and traceability of analysis results data.

Join CDISC as we share progress, key objectives and project deliverables regarding the development of ARS.

  • Bess LeRoy, Head of Standards Innovation, CDISC
  • Bhavin Busa, Principal & Co-Founder, Clymb Clinical
  • Richard Marshall, Accurate Systems
Language: English
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