COSA Spotlight Q2 2022


Join open-source developers from the CDISC community as they showcase their free tools as part of the CDISC Open Source Alliance (COSA). Learn how you can leverage these tools to facilitate the implementation of CDISC standards in your systems.

  • Admiral – An open source, modularized toolbox that enables the pharmaceutical programming community to collaboratively develop ADaM datasets in R.
  • R4DSXML – R package for import CDISC Dataset-XML and Define-XML as R data frame.

Plus, we'll share a sneak peak of what's coming to COSA in the third quarter.

We'll also introduce Dataset-JSON and provide details about an upcoming Dataset-JSON Hackathon. A data exchange standard for tabular datasets that uses the JSON format, Dataset-JSON is part of the ODM v2.0 draft standard and an enhancement to the Dataset-XML v1.0 specification. Dataset-JSON is designed to meet the requirements of the regulatory submission use case as well as other data exchange scenarios.

  • Ippei Akiya, Data Scientist & Software Developer, A2 Healthcare Corporation
  • Sam Hume, Vice President, Data Science, CDISC
  • Charles Shadle, Head of Data Science Operations, CDISC
  • Ben Staub, Principal Programmer, GlaxoSmithKline
Language: English
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