COSA Quarterly Spotlight - Q2 2023


Join open-source developers from the CDISC community and the COSA team as they share upcoming projects and showcase free tools.


  • Dataset-JSON as an Alternative Transport Format for Regulatory Submissions Pilot: CDISC, PHUSE, FDA, and industry participants plan to pilot a new CDISC dataset exchange standard, Dataset-JSON, to evaluate its possible future use in regulatory submissions.
  • The SAS Open Clinical Standards Toolkit (OpenCST): A framework that allows registration of CDISC standards metadata to enable automation, such as working in SAS with XML-based standards (Define-XML, ODM,) and validation of clinical data. Originally developed by SAS, it is now available as an open-source resource.
  • Intro to the ARS Hackathon: A sneak peek of the upcoming ARS Hackathon. The Hackathon will be an opportunity to unleash your creativity and collaborate with the CDISC community to create open-source tools that will enhance the interoperability and reusability of analysis results data and promote innovation in the industry.

  • Sam Hume, VP, Data Science, CDISC
  • Lex Jansen, Senior Director, Data Science Development, CDISC
  • Bhavin Busa, Principal & Co-Founder Clymb Clinical and COSA Board Member
Language: English
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