CDISC Open Source Alliance Quarterly Spotlight - Q1


Join open-source developers from the CDISC community as they showcase their free tools as part of the CDISC Open Source Alliance (COSA). Learn how you can leverage these tools to facilitate the implementation of CDISC standards in your systems. Stay tuned for more specific details about what the team will cover in this spotlight!

Dataset-JSON: The Dataset-JSON API: Results from the Dataset-JSON Hackathon II 

  • The objective of the Dataset-JSON Hackathon II was to create a draft REST API specification for Dataset-JSON.
  • This webinar highlights the draft Dataset-JSON API produced as an outcome of the hackathon and will also provide a brief update on the Dataset-JSON as an Alternative Transport Format for Regulatory Submissions pilot.

TFL Designer Community

  • TFL Designer Community was released on 15 February.
  • It is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that simplifies clinical trial reporting.
  • This platform automates the creation of TFL shells and provides machine-readable metadata, which can then be seamlessly ingested for downstream automation in the programming of the TFLs.
  • It digitizes analysis results, ensuring alignment with CDISC Analysis Results Standards (ARS), and offers a central repository for TFL standards, templates, conventions, and metadata.

Dataset-JSON: COSA Workshop on how OpenStudyBuilder can be used to drive EDC setup 

  • Sneak peek at the EU Interchange Workshop you'll not want to miss.
  • The landscape of system integrations within our industry often poses significant challenges despite the existence of established data exchange standards such as CDASH and ODM as well as the upcoming Biomedical Concepts and USDM, and others.
  • Many tools, however, tend to support only their native formats or a limited selection of standards using custom extensions.
  • This workshop aims to delve into these challenges and explore the vast opportunities available when integrating systems effectively.
  • The workshop will primarily concentrate on the integration aspects of EDC (Electronic Data Capture) systems with OpenStudyBuilder in collaboration with interested EDC suppliers.


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