Vaccination Administration v1.0

Vaccination Administration v1.0 (Published 22 Jun 2021)

Version 1.0 of the Vaccination Administration: Mapping Curation of Minimum Data Elements and Metadata provides public health implementers with direction on how to define and organize data elements by providing metadata that enables machine readability, data sharing, and semantic interoperability, with the added benefit of facilitating the flow of data for submission to global regulatory authorities.

Developed in partnership with the Global Information for Public Health Transformation (GIPHT), an initiative of the Learning Health Community,  the mapping document is based on the eHealth Network Guidelines on proof of vaccination for medical purposes - basic interoperability elements v.1.1 and focuses on supporting the international travel use case. The mappings represent a minimum set of key data elements for electronically documenting vaccinations, are informed by the US CDC Endorsed Data Elements, the EU Digital Green Certificate and the WHO Interim Guidance for Developing a Smart Vaccine Certificate (SVC) and point to the following global standards: CDISC, HL7-FHIR, ISO Standards (8601 and 3166) and ICD 10/11, SNOMED, WHODrug and ATC Classifications.

Public Review Comments

CDISC posts Public Review comments and resolutions to ensure transparency and show implementers how comments were addressed in the standard development process.

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