TMF - Submit a Change Request to the Change Control Board

If you have any suggestions for changes to the TMF Reference Model, please use the form below to submit your feedback. You may use this form for requests to change artifacts, add artifacts. remove artifacts or general suggestions for improvements to the Model.
Please do NOT use this form to:

  • ask general questions about the TMF Reference Model (please post a question on our online forum)
  • send comments or questions to the TMF Reference Model Project
  • ask where specific documents should be filed (please post a question on our online forum)
  • ask questions about implementation of the Reference Model (head to the online forum)

Your comment/question will be automatically deleted without any acknowledgment.

Data submitted here is only reviewed by the Change Control Board if considered a genuine request or suggestion for a change to the Reference Model.

When selecting the type of change request in the form below, please do NOT select “General” if you are commenting on a specific artifact or specific artifacts or are suggesting a change to a specific part of the Reference Model. In these cases, select “Change existing artifacts” and submit as many forms as you have comments for. Use a separate form for each comment submitted. Our volunteer Change Control Board do not have the time to reclassify or edit your comments. Thanks!

Change existing artifact
describe the change that you are proposing
briefly explain why  you think this change is necessary
Suggest a New Artifact
briefly explain why  you think this new artifact is necessary
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