Team Charters and Schedules



Team Charters for 2012 are now available.  These describe the team leaders, participants, scope, meeting schedules and planned deliverables for 2012.  Additional charters are currently being developed for therapeutic area projects.  All charters will be updated annually and amended as necessary to describe new or revised projects.  Available charters are listed at the bottom of this page.


The 2012 CDISC Technical Plan


The Gantt Chart below lists major CDISC standards developments planned for 2012.  The chart consists of one or more projects per team, program or initiative.  When reviewing the schedule, please consider the following:



  • Deliverables represented as milestones involve version updates that include packages of material that will be posted separately in advance for comment in review packages – a milestone package will consist of a collection of material that has successfully resolved all relevant comments.  
  • Task bars on the chart represent single deliverable packages; the beginning of the bar is the target date for posting for comment and the end of the bar is the target date for posting the final version after resolution of comments. 
  • Some projects are represented as a continuous stream of activity over the next year with annotations representing specific planned outputs.



Please note that since CDISC depends on volunteers to produce and review our standards, it is reasonable to expect that certain deliverables may fall behind schedule, but this chart represents our best guess of when projects should be available for public review and use.  The chart will be updated on a quarterly basis to reflect new information, actuals and updated projections.


CDISC Technical Plan



Available 2012 Team Charters: