Dyslipidemia Therapeutic Area User Guide v1.0

Published Date:

Version 1.0 of the Dyslipidemia Therapeutic Area User Guide (TAUG-Dyslipidemia) was developed under the CFAST Program and the CDISC Standards Development Process. The TAUG-Dyslipidemia describes the most common biomedical concepts relevant to dyslipidemia , and the necessary metadata to represent such data consistently with TerminologyCDASH, SDTM, and ADaM.

TA Standards extend the Foundational Standards to represent data that pertain to specific indications within disease areas. CDISC Standards specify how to structure the data; they do not specify what data should be collected or how to conduct clinical trials, assessments or endpoints.

Public Review Comments

CDISC posts Public Review comments and resolutions to ensure transparency and show implementers how comments were addressed in the standard development process.