SDTMIG-PGx v1.0 (Impending Deprecation)

Published Date:

CDISC will be deprecating SDTMIG-PGx v1.0 and much of its content will be subsumed into the upcoming release of SDTMIG v3.4. Certain domains will be deprecated and others will be incorporated into SDTMIG v3.4. Specifically,

  • The provisional PF domain will be deprecated and superseded by the GF domain.
  • The BE, BS, and RELSPEC domains will be incorporated into the SDTMIGv3.4 as is and may be updated in a future version of the SDTMIG.
  • The provisional PG, PB, SB domains will be deprecated. Re-instantiation of this content may be considered in the future if valid use cases are presented to CDISC.