ODM-XML Extension Library

Welcome to the CDISC XML Technologies ODM-XML Extension Library. The library contains ODM-XML extensions that are useful additions to the core capabilities of ODM-based standards, but are not official CDISC standards themselves. The purpose of the library is:

  • To allow users to implement the extensions or build extensions from the information provided
  • To share the extensions so that the clinical research community benefits from your work
  • To consider the extensions for inclusion in future versions of the core ODM-XML standard

All extensions are provided as is and without warranties (please see the CDISC Representations and Warranties, Limitations of Liability, and Disclaimers).


Extension Provided By Publication Date Description



Code for CDISC.zip

TRANSFoRm Project 03-Jun-2016

The PROM (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) software permits remote trial data collection from patients suffering from chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, and uses algorithms to trigger alarms if the patients need medical attention. The ability to provide this service remotely reduces healthcare costs, while improving quality of life by minimizing disruption to patients’ lives. The system relies on the ODM-XML standard with a minor extension to generate its questionnaire-based data-collection instruments, including mHealth forms running on Apple’s iOS-based iPhones or Android phones.

The UI extension includes a copy of the code for generating the interfaces for Android, iOS, and Web interfaces.

Additional documents are available from the TRANSFoRm Project website.

This project extends ODM-XML v1.3.1.

REDCap ODM-XML extension REDCap 27-Jun-2016

REDCap has the ability to export an entire REDCap project (its metadata of forms and events, as well as its data) as an XML file in CDISC ODM format. New projects can also be created in REDCap using an ODM metadata file that has originated from REDCap itself or from any other ODM-compatible system. More information and examples are available on the REDCap web site.