ODM v1.3

This version includes numerous enhancements and features in support of regulatory data submission and eCRF application support.

Significant changes are the addition of support for data formats including partial dates, booleans, URLs, hex and base 64 binary, hex and base 64 float data and the introduction of support for typed clinical data transmission. Typed data transmission will allow for more efficient, higher quality clinical data interchange as adopters incorporate this functionality into their ODM enabled applications. Other important changes include the incorporation of some Define.XML extensions back into the core ODM:Description element that can be used at any ODM Metadata level and the Rank attribute for the ODM CodeList element.

Changes made based on comments received during the review period are documented in Changes in ProductionVersion.html in the Posting Package.

A more complete introduction to the features in ODM 1.3 can be found in section 2.5 of the ODM 1.3 specification.