Glossary v16.0

Published Date:

CDISC Glossary v16.0 contains 19 new terms, 74 changes to existing content and many new, or changes to, existing “clusters” of related terms that, when their definitions are read together, help sharpen the semantic distinctions and optimize effective communication. New clusters include Monitoring, Trial Phase, Trial Termination, Suspension, and Halt, and COVID-19 related terms.

Glossary v16.0 can also be found in Excel, text, odm.xml, pdf, html, and OWL/RDF formats, along with CDISC Terminology Changes files on the NCI-EVS website with file date 2021-12-17.

Glossary v16.0 contains COVID-19 pandemic related terms that were published in Glossary v14.0 and v15.0 to support the CDISC COVID-19 Package of Resources.

New authoritative sources are referenced within glossary definitions and on the References tab, numbering 24 this year. The Acronyms, Abbreviations & Initials (AAI) list for Glossary v16.0 includes 24 new additions.

The CDISC Glossary is NOT comprehensive for all words bearing on human health, medicine, or laboratory methods. Please refer to the CDISC SDTM Terminology and CDISC Protocol Terminology for other specific technical terms.