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Japan CDISC Coordinating Committee (J3C)


The J3C supports global CDISC initiatives in Japan and provides regional feedback to the central CDISC organization. The committee's primary activities are defined in collaboration with CDISC Executive Operations and include:

  • Introducing CDISC and broadening its presence in Japan
  • Acting as a liaison between CDISC and Japanese entities
  • Helping the CDISC organization to acquire collaborations and partnership with existing Japanese organizations
  • Organizing and planning for annual CDISC Japanese conferences and events

For more information on the CDISC Coordinating Committees, please visit  Coordinating Committees Operational (COP-014) Procedure. 

CDISC congratulates the J3C members who have been re-elected for a second term to serve on the J3C. We are grateful for your dedication to CDISC.

  • Hidetoshi Misawa
  • Koji Iwamoto
  • Naoto Awaji
  • Takako Nozaki
  • Yoshinori Fujimura
  • Yoshiteru Chiba
  • Yuya Ikeda
  • Satoru Tsuchiya