DSDY should be permissible, not expected

Short Name
DSDY should be permissible, not expected
Affected Standard
Description of Error

In the DS domain specification, the core value of DSDTC is "Perm" but the core value of the corresponding study day variable, DSDY, is "Exp".  The study day variable corresponding to a date/time variable that is "Perm" cannot be "Exp".

Note that DSDY was not included in the DS doman specification in previous versions of the SDTMIG.

Efforts to Correct Error

The core value for DSDY will  be changed to be "Perm" in the next version of the SDTMIG.

JIRA Issue

Concerned Published Element Concerned Published Attribute Published Attribute Value Revised Attribute Value

Impact of Issue Coping Strategy

If DSDTC was not collected, so that DSDY is always null, failure to include DSDY in the DS dataset may result in errors or warnings.

Explain any validation errors or warnings in the Clinical Study Data Reviewers Guide (cSDRG).