Microbiology Local Processing

The CDASHIG MB domain is used to represent microbiology findings from tests or measurements performed on collected biological specimens, such as the identification, quantification, and other characterization of microorganisms. Any drug susceptibility testing is represented in the Microbiology Susceptibility (MS) domain. The MB domain typically includes organisms found (e.g., non-host organisms identified including bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoa, and fungi), gram stain results, and organism growth status. Culture characteristics may also be included (e.g., growth/no growth, colony quantification measures, colony color, colony morphology).

Local Processing - In this scenario, biological specimens are taken and analyzed, and the results are recorded directly on the CRF.

This example is for a COVID test. The user will need to update the questions, as appropriate.
MBGRPID is not present in the example CRF; it can be included in the SDTM dataset, as appropriate.

"Form MB - Microbiology Specimen Local Processing [MB]" Form Preview
Form MB - Microbiology Specimen Local Processing
MB - Local Processing
Was the test performed? No  Yes  
Collection Date
 01 Jan 2000
Test Name
Test Detail
Result Positive  Negative  
Specimen Type Endotracheal Fluid  Swabbed Material  
What was the anatomical location where the specimen was collected? Nose  Throat  
What was the method used for the test or examination?
* Mandatory field

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