ECG Test Results - Central Reading

The CDASHIG EG domain includes ECG data, including the position of the subject; method of evaluation; all cycle measurements; and all findings from the ECG, including an overall interpretation, if collected.

In the Central Reading scenario, results are captured directly by an electronic device and transmitted separately or read by a central vendor, rather than recorded on the CRF. The accession number and date collected on the CRF can be used as an aid in reconciliation of the electronic data.

If performing multiple ECGs on the same day, the planned time point and ECG time would also need to be collected. Additional Method and Position values are available in Controlled Terminology.

"Form EG - Central Reading [EG_CENTRAL]" Form Preview
Form EG - Central Reading
EG - Central Reading
* Was an ECG performed? No  Yes  
What was the (ECG) [reference identifier/accession number]?
What was the method used for the ECG? 12 LEAD STANDARD  HOLTER CONTINUOUS ECG RECORDING  
What was the position of the subject during the ECG measurement?
What was the date of the ECG?
 01 Jan 2000
* Mandatory field