The CDASHIG DS domain includes disposition events and protocol milestones (e.g., informed consent obtained, randomized). Sponsors may choose which disposition events and milestones/other events to submit for a study.

This example relates to the subject’s disposition at the End of Study. Sponsors may choose which disposition events and milestones to collect for a study. A sponsor may collect one disposition event for the study as a whole, or they may collect dispositions for each epoch of the trail (e.g., Screening, Treatment, Follow-up). Additional Completion/Reason for Non-Completion terms are available in Controlled Terminology.

"Form DS - Disposition [DS_EOS]" Form Preview
Form DS - Disposition
DS - Disposition
What was the subject's status at the end of study?
What was the subject's status?; If [DSDECOD], specify
What was the study discontinuation or completion date?
 01 Jan 2000
* Mandatory field

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