Death Details

The CDASHIG DD domain is used to collect the additional data that are typically collected when a death occurs (e.g., official cause of death, when the death occurred, whether it was witnessed). This domain is not intended to replace or collate data collected on designated CRF pages (e.g., severe adverse event details in the AE domain) or details of disposition in the DS domain. Data on the DD domain may be linked to other domains that relate to death using the appropriate identifier variables and the related records (RELREC) dataset as described in the SDTMIG.

Additional tests are listed in controlled terminology, and more information can be found in the CDASHIG.

"Form DD - Implementation Options: HorizontalGeneric [CDASH_2-1_FO_15]" Form Preview
Form DD - Implementation Options: HorizontalGeneric
DD - Implementation Options: HorizontalGeneric
Were any death detail assessments collected? No  Yes  
What was the date [DTHDX] assessment was collected?
 01 Jan 2000
What [is/was] the subject's date of death?
 01 Jan 2000
What was the primary cause of death?
Was an autopsy performed? No  Yes  
* Mandatory field