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Instructor: Landen BainInstructor: Landen Bain

Company: CDISC

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Landen Bain works with CDISC, a global medical research standards development organization, as liaison to the healthcare information community to develop and implement data exchange standards between healthcare and medical research.  Mr. Bain focuses his efforts on realizing improved interoperability today, with the immediate demonstration and implementation of existing standards. An example is a cooperative effort Bain leads between CDISC and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) to enable data capture for clinical research from within Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, using an IHE integration profile called Retrieve Form for Data-capture (RFD).  This work brings together for the first time biopharmaceutical, EHR and research technology companies to develop interoperable solutions.  The work has been demonstrated at six HIMSS Interoperability Showcases, and continues today with the creation of a number of real world studies in live research sites.  


Mr. Bain served as co-chair of the HITSP Clinical Research Tiger Team and the CCHIT Strategic Lead for Clinical Research Workgroup.  Both of these efforts move the use of EHRs for clinical research into the mainstream of the healthcare and clinical research industries.  Mr. Bain is currently working on integration profiles for automating business processes between research and healthcare (Retrieve Process for Execution) and on methods for capturing and respecting the privacy preferences of subjects (Redaction Services).  


Mr. Bain served for over 20 years as Chief Information Officer of two large academic medical centers: Duke University Health System in Durham, North Carolina and Ohio State University Hospitals in Columbus, Ohio.  Mr. Bain was recognized by the HL7 Board as an ‘HL7 Pioneer’ in 1991 for his work as an early adopter of HL7 while at Ohio State University.  He is a charter member of the College of Healthcare Information Executives.