2023 Interchange Sponsor/Exhibitor Application

Sponsorship and Exhibitor opportunities are available for our 2023 Interchanges. Please fill out the form below with your contact information and then select your preferred sponsorship or exhibitor package. Please make sure to click the "Submit Form" button once complete. You will then receive an electronic invoice from CDISC within five business days.  


*Flyer to be provided by Sponsor.
**Diamond and Ruby Sponsors will be provided with a list of attendees who have opted-in to Sponsor Marketing when registering for the Interchange.


Sponsor Pricing


Price ($USD)










Bundle your sponsorship for up to three (3) CDISC events, at a significantly reduced rate (20% discount for 3 events; 10% discount for 2 events). When a sponsor chooses to bundle three events, they become a Global Sponsor, which guarantees all of the benefits of the package level they select, for all three events.

Global Diamond Sponsor is an exclusive sponsorship level, limited to only one (1) per year. 


Exhibitor Pricing



Gold Member

Platinum Member

Europe & US









Prices shown are for 2023 Europe, Japan, and US Interchanges only. More information about 2023 China, please see the China Interchange Sponsor / Exhibitor form (PDF doc). 

Information about sponsoring the 2023 Korea Interchange is forthcoming. 

Contact Information
If you are not based in the US, we will know to disregard the selection you make on this item.
By checking this box, you agree to abide by the following terms regarding any graphics or imagery provided by CDISC:
  • The CDISC logo and any graphics provided to sponsors and exhibitors may not be modified. The CDISC logo may not be edited into a derivative graphic specific to your company. 
  • As a vendor-neutral organization, the CDISC name and logo may not be used in a context such that it would appear that CDISC is endorsing a commercial product, company, or service. 
Sponsorship or Exhibitor Packages
Event Selection
Please choose all events at which you would like to sponsor/exhibit.
Additional Sponsorship Opportunities
Please note - the Tote Bag sponsorships are sold out for 2023 Europe, 2023 Japan, and 2023 US Interchanges.
$4,200 (per session)
$4,200 (per coffee break)
$3,600 (SOLD OUT for 2023 Europe, 2023 Japan, 2023 US)
$4,800 (SOLD OUT for 2023 US)
The price is $3,500 per meal. 

Company Description and Logo
Please include a few sentences describing your company. This text will be used in our print and online materials. 

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