2022 Virtual China Interchange Call for Abstracts


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Call for Abstracts

Abstracts Due: Friday, 10 June 2022

We welcome abstracts for the Virtual 2022 CDISC China Interchange on any of the topics listed below.

Regulatory Submissions 

How are you handling changes in submission requirements, including versions of standards and country-specific requirements?

CDISC 360 and CDISC Library (MDRs)

How have you successfully adopted components of CDISC 360 or CDISC Library, including the handling of multiple versions of standards, and how has it affected your systems and processes?

Implementation Use Cases

How have you successfully implemented new features of CDISC standards and TAUGs? How are you applying CDISC standards and TAUGs to other uses, such as integration or in disease areas not yet covered by TAUGs? How have your systems and tools changed to work with these implementations?

Conformance Rules and Validation, Including CDISC Open Rules Engine (CORE) and CDISC Open Source Alliance (COSA)

How are you using CDISC and Regulatory Agency rules to test for conformance and submission-readiness? How are you handling data issues that can’t be changed?

Infectious Disease & Vaccines

How has missing data, FDA regulations, and/or the need for faster submissions impacted your systems, processes, and collaboration?

Standards Governance 

How are you managing your internal suite of standards? How do you determine when to up-version, and when to stop supporting older versions? How do you track and approve requests for new standards or an exemption from using standards? How do you ensure standards are being followed?

Impact of CDISC Standards on Business Optimization 

How have you improved and measured efficiencies in business processes as a result of CDISC standards implementation? What kinds of internal opportunities or external collaborations were you able to pursue as a result of CDISC standards?

Real World Data / Evidence 

How have you incorporated RWD/RWE into drug development? What impact has this had on your systems and processes? What lessons have you learned from previous pilots or submissions?

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Has your organization implemented de-centralized clinical trials? How has the use of CDISC standards affected the implementation of de-centralized clinical trials?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

How has implementation of Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, or Optimization at your organization benefited from the use of data standards? How are you incorporating this into drug development?

CDISC Fundamentals

What tips, tricks, and use cases can you share on how to implement CDISC standards? What are current gaps, and how do you recommend filling them?

Other Topics Relating to CDISC Standards

You are welcome to submit an abstract on any CDISC experience, implementation or planning-related topic. Related use cases are encouraged. We want to hear your success stories even if they do not fit into the topic areas mentioned.  CDISC is an open and multidisciplinary standard which interfaces with many areas, and we are eager to hear about your experiences working with standards.


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