2021 TechniCon - Call for Abstracts


2021 CDISC TechniCon: Virtual Conference and Technology Showcase


Background Information and Application


TechniCon Dates in 2021

2 February – Asia-Pacific Rim

3 February – Europe, Middle East and Africa

5 February – India

8 February – Americas


Concept:  With the growing demand for technology solutions that ensure high-quality implementations of digital data standardization and automated processing, CDISC is hosting TechniCon, our second annual virtual conference that provides a global stage for software solutions that make use of CDISC standards and technologies. At TechniCon, CDISC member companies and open-source developers have the opportunity to showcase their technology solutions that support the consistent, integrative implementation of CDISC standards, utilize CDISC Library API or integrate CDISC 360 concepts.

The conference will be held via four separate geographically targeted tracks, with each track lasting six hours. A technology service provider can apply to present at one, two, three, or all four.



Target Geography

Start Time (subject to change)

Run Time

Number of Technology Partner Sessions


Asia, Australia, and New Zealand

9:00 – 15:00 Japan Time

Tuesday, 2 February

6 hours



Europe, Middle East, Africa

9:00 - 15:00 Central Europe Time

Wednesday, 3 February

6 hours




9:00 – 15:00 Indian Standard Time

Friday, 5 February

6 hours



North and South America

9:00 – 15:00 Central US Time

Monday, 8 February

6 hours



Target Audience: We anticipate high attendance (200+ registrants) during each track. Historically, CDISC Interchange conferences draw decision-makers (those with budget authority in management roles) and decision-drivers (those who utilize standards day-to-day and greatly influence budget decisions) at a ratio of 70:30. Based on attendance at last year’s TechniCon, we expect the virtual conference ratio will be approximately 50:50. At registration, attendees will have the opportunity to receive follow-up communications from the technology service providers.


Technology Service Providers: To present, a technology service provider must be a CDISC member in good standing or an open-source developer with a CDISC Library Open Source API license agreement in place and complete the included form in detail. CDISC staff will make the final selection of presentations based on various criteria, including relevance of presentation to CDISC audience, technical advancement, and presentation quality. Technology solutions that have utilized the CDISC Library API or are focusing on CDISC 360 implementation will be given preference. Technology service providers will agree to refrain from commercial selling activities during TechniCon, and focus the presentation on how their product offering supports quality implementation of standards.

Selected technology service providers agree to provide at least one presenter who will conduct the presentation remotely in real time in fluent English. Technology service providers may, at their own discretion and expense, record a back-up presentation for use should technical issues prohibit real-time presentation from performing. In the event of technical issues, CDISC has the right to substitute the back-up recording, or if no recording is available, to present other content at CDISC’s sole discretion.

Each technology service provider will have 25 minutes to present and up to 5 minutes for audience Q&A.


Pricing Details


Pricing (all prices in USD)

One Track


Two Track


Three Track


Four Track



If a technology service provider wishes to showcase two or more products or services, the provider must complete one form for each product or service.


Staff Presentations: CDISC staff will present CDISC updates during each track. Topics will include CDISC 360 and a demonstration of the CDISC Library API & Data Standards Browser, including a look into the next generation CDISC Library roadmap of innovative opportunities.


Promotion Opportunities: In addition to presentations, a brief company and product description from the selected technology service providers will be featured in the online advertising for the event at cdisc.org. CDISC may also provide online PowerPoint slides, which can include company information during breaks in the virtual conference. All TechniCon registrants will be asked to affirm they wish to receive follow-up marketing communications from selected technology partners.  A list of names and organization affiliations will be provided to selected technology service providers for that track. Registrants will be required to register by track.



  • Submission deadline: All applications must be submitted to events@cdisc.org with the subject line “TechniCon Application.” by 5:00 PM ET 9 October 2020.

  • Technology partners selections announced: by 15 October 2020

  • Attendee registrations launch: by 15 October 2020

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