Digital Data Flow: Project Information and Call for Volunteers


CDISC, in collaboration with TransCelerate’s Digital Data Flow Project, is developing a reference architecture, which will serve as a standard model for the development of a Study Definitions Repository. The Repository is a novel central component aimed at facilitating the exchange of structured study definitions across clinical systems using technical and data standards.

Deliverables will include a logical data model, supporting Controlled Terminology, API specifications and related conformance tests.

Join us as we share project progress and how to get involved.

Read the press release announcing the project. 

  • Christine Connolly, CDISC Senior Project Manager
  • Dave Evans, CDISC President & CEO
  • Alison Luckman, TransCelerate co-Product Owner/Lead for the DDF Delivery/Build Team
  • John Owen, CDISC Head of Partnership & Development
  • Peter Van Reusel, CDISC Chief Standards Officer
Language: English
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