COSA Spotlight for Q3 2022


Join open-source developers from the CDISC community as they showcase their free tools as part of the CDISC Open Source Alliance (COSA). Learn how you can leverage these tools to facilitate the implementation of CDISC standards in your systems.

  • Smart Submission Dataset Viewer – Allowing to inspect SDTM, SEND and ADaM submission files in the modern CDISC Dataset-XML standard format.
  • CORE  CDISC’s open-source execution engine that delivers a governed set of unambiguous and executable Conformance Rules.
  • Rule Editor – A web-based tool for authoring machine-readable Conformance Rules, which allows users to create rules according to a set schema.

  • Jozef Aerts, Owner, XML4Pharma
  • Gerry Campion, Software Engineer, CDISC
  • Anthony Chow, Head of Data Science Development, CDISC
  • Nick De Donder, Head of Data Standards, Business & Decision Life Sciences
  • Nic Haydel, Senior Software Engineer, CDISC
Language: English
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