CDISC Vision and Roadmap: Transforming the Standards Paradigm and the First Step to Realize the CDISC Vision


Over the last two decades CDISC has become the global standard required by regulatory agencies and widely used by clinical research to collect, transform, and analyze clinical trial data. While CDISC has made significant achievements in establishing the standards, what has gotten us to today will not get us to where we need to be tomorrow.

We will share our vision with the CDISC community for how we can expand and connect the standards to enable automation across clinical research while ensuring we focus on the consumers of our standards. This starts with us expanding and closing the gaps in the journey we began with CDISC 360 to align, connect, and publish easy to use connected standards, and build a framework that can make this vision a reality.

  • Chris Decker, CDISC President & CEO
  • Peter Van Reusel, CDISC Chief Standards Officer
Language: English
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