CDISC Tabulate Certification Launch


Join us for the launch of the CDISC Tabulate Certification Program. We have analyzed the data from the Program’s pilot phase and will share with you what is required to prepare and set yourself up for success in attaining certification. CDISC Standards Certification is a benchmark of excellence that can be used to:

  • Validate Skills
  • Assess Potential Hires
  • Provide Your Clients with Proven Expertise
  • Fast-track Your Career

CDISC Tabulate, based on knowledge of SDTM and the SDTMIG, is the first CDISC certification to demonstrate proficiency in tabulating clinical research data.

Registration of the Tabulate Certification exam opens mid-August 2021. Examinees will be able to begin taking the Tabulate exam as soon as 8 SEP 2021.

  • John Ezzell, Head of Education, CDISC
  • Amy Palmer, Head of Standards Development, CDISC
Language: English
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