CDISC Open Source Alliance (COSA) Spotlight


To drive innovative approaches to standards-based automation, CDISC has initiated the CDISC Open-Source Alliance (COSA), which supports, promotes, and sometimes sponsors open-source software projects that create tools for implementing or developing CDISC standards.

Join us to learn the basics of how you can leverage the first COSA-approved tools to facilitate the implementation of CDISC standards in your systems.

  • TFL Designer
  • Visual Define-XML Editor
  • Odmlib

We will also share how open-source developers can learn to apply for inclusion in the COSA Directory.

Presenters: Sam Hume, VP Data Science, CDISC, Dmitry Kolosov, Expert Statistical Programmer, Parexel, Bhavin Busa, VP of Clinical Data Services & Operations, Vita Data Sciences
Language: English
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