ADaM Office Hours


Ask panelists any questions regarding the development and implementation of ADaM , CDISC’s standard for data analysis.

Submit your questions in advance on the webinar registration page.

Panelists will also answer questions during the webinar as well as inform attendees of the latest news in ADaM development.

  • Nancy Brucken, IQVIA
  • Nate Freimark, The Griesser Group
  • Brian Harris, AstraZeneca
  • Cindy Stroupe, UCB Pharmaceuticals
  • Jiannan (Jane) Kang, Merck
  • Trevor Mankus, Certara
  • Sandra Minjoe, ICON
  • Luke Reinbolt, Navitas Life Sciences
  • Tatiana Sotingco, J&J
  • Guowei Wu, Merck
Language: English
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