With the growing demand for technology solutions that ensure high-quality implementations of digital data standardization and automated processing, CDISC is hosting the second annual TechniCon. At TechniCon, CDISC member companies and open-source developers have the opportunity to showcase their technology solutions that support the consistent, integrative implementation of CDISC standards, utilize CDISC Library API or integrate CDISC 360 concepts. TechniCon is an easy way to learn about many of the next-generation clinical data solutions!
The 2021 CDISC TechniCon will be held on 30 April, from 13:00 - 17:30 Central Europe Time (CET), as the third and final day of the 2021 CDISC Europe Interchange.
Registrants of the CDISC Europe Interchange will gain automatic admission to the TechniCon. If you have not registered for the Europe Interchange, and would like to do so now, please register here. If you are already registered for the Europe Interchange, no further action is needed.
If you would like to register only for the half-day TechniCon, please select the "Register Now" button shown. The TechniCon will be held virtually, through our new virtual conference platform. Those that register for the TechniCon will receive confirmation of their registration to the email address on file. Registrants will then receive an additional notification with details for accessing the TechniCon at a later date.

TechniCon Program

Europe Interchange Registration

Registrants of the Virtual 2021 Europe Interchange receive free admission to the TechniCon! Details below.

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