Q: How Do I Access Zoom Webinar?

A: All attendees will receive log-in links for Zoom Webinar to the email address they used to register for the conference. Each attendee will receive two log-in links, one for each day of the conference. To join the webinar, please click the log-in link for the correct day. If you have the Zoom app installed, the webinar will open in the Zoom application. If you are unable to download the application, when you click on the link, you can then select "start from your browser." 

Attendee Guide for Using Zoom Webinar


Q: I Can't Find My Log-In Links. What Do I Do?

A: All attendees should have received their log-in links from no-reply@zoom.us. Please make sure to check your junk, clutter and spam folders to ensure that they were not directed there. If you are still unable to locate your log-in links, please contact events@cdisc.org.


Q: How Do I Access the Slack Networking Space?

A: All attendees will receive invitations to join our Slack Networking Space to the email address they used to register for the conference. In this workspace, they can meet with sponsors and exhibitors, ask questions of our presenters, network with colleagues and peers, and participate in the Virtual Scavenger Hunt. If you are unable to access Slack, you may want to try using a personal email address. Please contact events@cdisc.org to assist you.

Attendee Guide for Using Slack Networking Space


Q: How Do I Access CDISC Pre-Conference Presentations? What is the purpose of this content?

A: All attendees receive access to pre-recorded content from CDISC speakers. To see the list of presentations available, please visit the online program. The link to this content has only been made available to attendees, and the link has been sent to attendees via email. The link to the pre-conference presentations can also be found pinned on the Slack #cdisc-qa channel. 

As the 2020 CDISC Japan Interchange was transitioned into a virtual event, CDISC had to remove some of its own content to ensure that the program could fit within its new, virtual format. To ensure that our attendees have the most updated information from CDISC, we have pre-recorded a number of presentations, making them available online before the conference. Attendees are urged to view this content, and to ask any questions they might have while viewing in the #cdisc-qa channel. Select questions will be asked during our live CDISC Q&A on 22 May.


Q: When Will I Have Access to the Conference Presentations, and Will Video Content be Available?

A: All conference presentations will be made available within two weeks following the completion of the conference. All attendees will be sent a survey following the conference. After filling out the survey, on the page following, they will find a link to access the conference presentations. Japan Interchange attendees will receive access to presentations from both the Europe and Japan Interchanges. Video content from the conference will also be made available in a user-friendly format at a later date.