Public Review Webinar: Therapeutic Area User Guide for Crohn's Disease

Date and Time:

THU, 1 OCT 2020, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern US Standard Time


Join CDISC as we introduce Work Package 1 of the Therapeutic Area User Guide for Crohn’s Disease (TAUG-CD) for Public Review. Public Review is a key quality step in the development of a thorough TAUG for the research community. We invite you to contribute your expertise.

TAUG-CD describes how to use CDISC standards to represent data pertaining to Crohn’s Disease studies. Work Package 1 focuses on Prior, Baseline and On-Study Medication and Disease Classification.


John Owen, Head of Partnerships and Development, CDISC
Rebecca Baker, Standards Developer, CDISC
Diane Corey - Standards Developer, C-Path
Kathleen Mellars, Consultant Standards Developer, CDISC
Richard Marshall, Consultant Standards Developer, CDISC

Webinar Language: English

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