QRS "Office Hours"

Date & Time:
THU 27 AUG - 11AM-12:30PM EDT


This webinar will provide a forum to ask panelists any questions regarding the development of QRS terminology and supplements. Examples of questions recently received include:
•    Please explain the organization of the new Controlled Terminology and Questionnaires, Ratings, and Scales pages on the CDISC website?
•    What are the rules for determining if a supplement should be in the Disease Response and Clin Classification (RS) domain?
•    What are our QRS naming rules for terminology?
•    How do we determine FACT/FACIT synonyms and terminology?
•    What is the status of ADQRS supplement development? 
•    Will there be controlled terminology to go with ADQRS supplements?
•    Since I have an SDTM QS dataset for my clinical study, how many ADQS datasets should I create?


  • Dana Booth, SDS QRS Subteam Co-Lead, CDISC
  • Steve Kopko, SDS QRS Subteam Co-Lead, CDISC