Leveraging Clinical Research Data Standards in Academia: What’s in it for Me?

Date and Time:

TUE, 28 JUL 2020, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern US Standard Time


If you‘ve ever asked any of these questions:

“I’m only doing one study. How can you standardize only one study?
“Why should I use standards? I’m going to publish, not submit to regulators.”
“How can I use standards if there aren’t any for the data I’m collecting?”
“My research is observational. What relevance do standards have for me?”

This webinar is for you.

The world of standards that affect clinical research data in academia is complex, can seem overwhelming, perhaps irrelevant.

We’ll define “standards” and demonstrate that standards should never constrain the science. The webinar will provide compelling reasons why clinical investigators as well as technical colleagues stand to benefit from using standards, even for just one study, even if it’s observational.

We will explore a wide range of data and process standards relevant to clinical research, including CDISC standards, initiatives at NIH, ISO standards, electronic health record initiatives and more. You will leave with an understanding of how standards support science and amplify the full value of data.


Kit Howard, Sr. Director, Standards Development & Education, CDISC

Webinar Language: English

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